Welcome to Soul Glass, official website of artist Michael Hopko. The art and craftsmanship found in Soul Glass Studios are inspired by the motion and beauty of nature.

Since taking his first college course in 1990, Michael has been using hot, molten glass to mold exquisite, intricate pieces that capture his love of nature. He continues to draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds him near his home in the Northern California Mountains. Michael has built a friendly and professional business of blowing glass that allows him to express his creativity in exceptionally unique pieces that are nothing short of breathtaking wherever displayed!

When you purchase art through www.soulglass.com, you are buying directly from the artist, Michael Hopko. Each one-of-a-kind piece is made by Michael and will bring the feeling and beauty of nature to your home or business. Please explore our site and enjoy the vibrant colors, fluid movements, and extraordinary details of each piece.

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  • Welcome - Welcome to Soul Glass, where art & craftsmanship are inspired by the motion and beauty of nature. Artist, Michael Hopko has been molding hot molten glass since his first college course in 1990. His love of the nature that surrounds him and the creativity that glass blowing allows has been the foundation of Soul Glass. Michael […]